Can Pop&Bang damage engine?

How does Pop&bang works?

"Pop&Bang, or burbles as the OEM call it, is a calibration feature within the ECU where we retard the ignition timing and run a very lean air/fuel ratio. Retard ignition timing means much of combustion is happening as the exhaust vavle is opening and much of the fuel is ignited by the hot exhaust and/or catalytic converter, hence the pop sounds you hear from the tailpipe. The hotter the exhaust system is, the easier to make it pop. This is NOT a performance modification, it is different from anti-lag system, so it doesn't provide any performance advantage.


Some of the manufactures such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW offer pop&bang sound as stock feature for their cars and they come with regular warranty. So it is safe if done right by experienced experts, who know what they are doing. A good tuner knows the line of safety and based on your car's modification to tune it.